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The feedback we've gotten from users has been the best part of Ruminate's journey. From an idea scribbled on piece of printer paper to a full-featured app used around the world, we've heard suggestions and questions from hundreds of people. The overwhelming majority of it has been positive, some of it's been negative, but it's all helped to get Ruminate to where it is now. And we don't plan on stopping anytime soon—so we need your input.


If you have any suggestions, questions, or problems, email us at If you'd just like to shoot us an email about the app or anything else, try us at And, if you're looking for press or publicity information, by all means drop us a line at


We try to respond to every email we get, but sometimes it's just not possible. But rest assured we read each and every one, and we take them all into consideration when figuring out what to do with Ruminate next.